The Health & Social Care Act will do the following: 
Many people believe that these changes will result in a ‘European’ style health system where taxes pay for most of our health needs, but provision is from both the private and public sector.
Critics point out the following:
The Health & Social Care Act in a Minute 
Last updated: 10th Sept 2012
The Act abolishes the 64 year duty on the government to secure and provide healthcare for all.
Surgeries will be clustered into groups called ‘Clinical Commissioning Groups’ (CCGs).
The Act allows ‘any qualified provider’ to supply healthcare.  Ie private ‘for profit’ providers will be able to provide healthcare.
Most of the NHS budget will be given to the CCGs.  They will use this money to ‘buy’ healthcare on an open market.
To bring NHS hospitals into the new marketised environment all hospitals will be turned into Foundation Trusts.  These are run on the same principles as a business.  They can borrow money, have to make a profit, can go bankrupt and will be able to charge for services.
CCGs will have the power to decide what services are ‘appropriate as part of the health service’.  Ie they can cut services.