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This website is in the process of being developed.  The article below is brief notes.  The full article is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

In order to oppose this bill it is essential that as many people as possible get out on the streets and let the government know that we are not going to tolerate the loss of the NHS.

At the moment the main task is to build a mass movement.  To do this it is most important that KONP is out leafleting and building our database of supporters.  If you want to help, the first thing is to register and be prepared to come leafleting as often as possible.

Almost as important is to get friends and family aware of the danger of the bill and the importance of being active.  Spread the word and get those to whom the word has been spread to register on the website (we can get them leafleting too!).

As soon as we are ready we can start BIG marches.  I know that marches often don't appear to achieve much, but this is not a very secure government.  If we can get enough people out (and surely this is the one issue that will attract just about everyone), I think it is possible to frighten the government into conceding at least a referendum, which would, in effect sound the death knell of this evil bill. 


Gird your loins!  Polish up your marching boots!